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You are at the bottom of a vast valley, unable to move or fight. Your only possession is a grappling hook, with which you must scale up the sky islands and somehow kill the vultures who seek to take advantage of your helplessness.

Welcome to Skyhook, a new action-platformer created by Ethan Saff, Ian Huang, and Nathan Roy. In this game, you must climb a series of platforms while fighting off hungry vultures. Your only tool, a grappling hook, serves as a dual-purpose design, enabling you to both move and attack. Enemies also serve two purposes - they both try to kill you, but they can also be grappled once, helping you to move. You will need to use this skill when you climb past the footholds and face the Vulture Swarm, the second half of the game.

This game also uses concepts from several other GMTK videos. The player is placed into a situation (in the title screen) where they click on an object, and they watch their character grapple up the object. The player now knows exactly how to use the grappling hook without once being explicitly told, just like the video "Half-Life 2's Invisible Tutorial". The game also uses concepts from the video "Mario's Jump (and other Versatile Verbs)". Since the mouse button can do something different if it is held while you are grappling, that same button enables you to temporarily stop reeling in your rope.

Font by Jimmy Campbell (
All other images were made with Piskel
All music was made with DefleMask
Game made with Unity

This game's art style takes inspiration from those made for the Gameboy.

Programmers: Ethan Saff and Ian Huang
Sprite Design: Ian Huang and Nathan Roy
Music: Ethan Saff

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Boy, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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